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Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

Here at Shine Photo, we are breaking the mold when it comes to the traditional wedding.  We provide all inclusive ceremonies for small, intimate weddings.  It’s called a micro, or ‘pop-up’ wedding and it won’t have you paying back the money you spent on your special day for a decade!  Our wedding offerings are so different, we’ve created a completely different website to showcase them.  You can see all the upcoming dates and learn more about our services at

An all inclusive ‘pop-up’ wedding is only $2995.00 + HST. That’s 1/10th of the cost of the average Canadian wedding, and it includes: the venue, the officiant, the decor, seating for 20 of your besties, a bouquet and boutonniere, a cake, a non-alcoholic toast, music and of course, photography services.

We’ll work with you to create the wedding ceremony of your dreams along with images and products that reflect your personality.  Scroll down to see our pop-up wedding brochure!  PLEASE NOTE: A new updated brochure will be posted mid August. Some items in the brochure may be out of date or no longer available.

When the day is done, the flowers have wilted, and the dress has yellowed, your wedding pictures will be the only memory that’s tangibly  preserved for generations to come.  Scroll down to find out about our other offerings as well, like Engagement Sessions, our Hen’s Bachelorette Pin-Up Parties, and Special Fantasy Shoots for your young attendants!

Scroll down to our Information Tabs to learn more about our Session Types.

Engagement Sessions at Shine Photo in Thunder Bay



Limited Editions at Shine Photo include fairies, pirates, mermaids and more. Thunder Bay ON


Wedding Photography at Shine Photo Thunder Bay


Engagement Pictures should be important to you!  This session allows you to experience your photographer first hand and become comfortable  working with them.   It also allows the photographer to get to know you! What you like, what you don’t like, and what’s really special to you.

Engagement photos stand the test of time. These images can be displayed in your home year round, for decades to come. You’re children will admire them, and you’ll see them alongside your wedding portraits on your 25th, 50th or even 60th anniversary celebrations.

Finally, engagement photos have plenty of uses in the present as well! Use them for signings at the wedding, or even as the invitations themselves.

The Pin Up Party

Here at Shine Photo we define Pin Up photography as:  “Playfully and wholesomely sexy photos with post production artwork added to give the image of a vintage, illustrative style.”

In the 1940s, the word pinup was coined to describe pictures torn from men’s magazines and calendars and ‘pinned up’ on the walls by U.S. soldiers during WWII.  Most were in fact paintings, or illustrative art prints which focused on legs in the 40s and breasts in the 50s. The styles varied, but were often playful, innocent scenes with slight sexual innuendo. Also described as ‘nose art,’ pin up paintings graced the front fuselage of many a war plane.  Pin Up models were also known as ‘cheesecake,’ ‘paper dolls’ and ‘bombshells.’

At Shine Photo you can have your Bachelorette Party in the classic Pin Up Style at our studio.  Pin Up images can be as innocent, or as sexy as you like.  Pin Up looks great regardless of your body type or dress size.  Pin Up parties are FUN, and we have everything covered to make your party with us amazing.  You’ll find our couture closet stocked with a variety of vintage garb, from glam to beach wear in sizes xs to 3xl.   We’ve got plenty of authentic vintage props as well, and we know how to style pin up art!  Your party includes a pre-session consultation to hammer out the details, styling, snacks, and extras.

Each attendant present receives a complimentary Pin Up print. The bride also receives a group image.  Additional prints can be purchased by attendees from a password protected online album.

We want to be your trusted advisor and support system from your engagement through the final delivery of your products.  Our aim is to help you feel confident and delighted about your image choices.  We want to help reduce your stress!  We want your wedding day images to grace your living room walls long after your sofa(s) has been replaced.

Our Pop-Up Wedding Day Packages are designed to cover a variety of needs, and A’ La Carte Options are available to customize your coverage.  All packages include a pre-wedding consultation. There’s far more information than this tiny space can fill so please pop over to the section on this page to view our  Pop-Up Wedding Welcome Magazine located on this page, or visit our wedding website at

Want to give a gift that will last to your younger attendants?  Gifts that will be cherished regardless of their age?  Gifts that honour the parents as well?   Then choose one or more of our specialty sessions for lasting memories!

Flower Girls LOVE our Fantasy Fairy Sessions.  Each session is 40 minutes of storytelling in our studio, complete with all the costumes and props needed to make them really believe in fairies!

Ring Bearers won’t want to miss our Pirate Days, Superheros or Dragon Slayer Sessions.  They work just like our Fairy sessions and are our most popular choices for boys.

We have many different Limited Edition Themes that run annually. Fairy days are so popular we have them semi-annually.  Book your session during our Limited Edition dates and pay only 99.00 plus HST for the session. Each includes a private proof reveal in our studio and one complimentary 8×10 fully art-worked print.   Private LE sessions (not on our regularly scheduled LE dates) are 299.00 + HST   Visit our Children’s Page to see the current schedule.


Starting at $79.95 + HST for a Pet Session that immortalizes your 4-legged attendant.   Includes one complimentary 8×10 print.  Convenient online ordering.  Ask us for details!


An all-inclusive pop-up wedding is only $2995.00 plus HST, with Elopement day packages starting at 1695.00   Please see our online brochure on this page for details, visit our wedding website or give us a quick call at 807 631 5162.


We accept cash, cheque, all major credit cards, and e-transfers.  A 50% deposit is required to reserve yoru pop-up wedding.

Other session fees are due upon invoice.  We expect a session fee to be paid within 48 hours of reserving your other sessions.  Payment confirms your session.


We are here to help you in any way that we can and to reduce the stress of the big day.  A pre-wedding  consultation is included with each pop-up wedding package. Each consultation addresses upcoming events, styling and other important details. We’re here for you.

WHAT IS AN EDITED IMAGE?  When we say that an image is edited, it means that it is correct overall and ready for print.  Edits include cropping, color, exposure and white balance correction and possibly the addition of a global filter. Filters can add warmth or lighting effects and are added only as means of enhancing the image. Not all image series have filters added.  All of our mini session images are fully edited when you purchase them.


Retouching is additional work done by an expert in a post processing program that enhances skin, cleans backgrounds, and even does some heavy lifting like slimming, face thinning, and makeup adjustments.  We divide retouching into two categories: Standard and Restorative.  When you purchase a print at Shine Photo, standard retouching is always included free of charge. This includes eye brightening, teeth whitening, acne removal, sometimes facial or arm slimming and any other retouch we deem necessary to make your image stunning.  In general, standard retouches are applied to any item in the image that the subject wants touched up but has no control over … such as blemishes.  Restorative retouching can be done for a reasonable extra charge. These retouches include glare removal in glasses, fixing teeth, removal of braces etc.

Although Dr. Photoshop is on our permanent staff, we do not retouch everything for free. If you come in with logos on your T shirt and want them removed, we charge for that.  Super wrinkled shirt?  Lots of pilling?  We charge for that.  Poorly applied makeup? We charge for that. Didn’t remove that chipped red nail polish from your child’s fingers, or the residue of a temporary tattoo before you came?  We CAN fix it, but we charge for that.


These are gallery images that are meant for 50 years on the wall rather than 5 minutes on Facebook. Our artwork and composites are hand-created by Nancy.  They are styled prior to the session, with the photography taken with the end result in mind.  Fine art is limited only by the imagination. A design fee will apply. Contact us for details.

One final thought on retouching.  It adds TIME to your order.  Retouching is done by hand using software by real people who are highly skilled in the use of the software.  We live in an era of instant, but timeless images take time to prepare.  When we remove all the acne in 20 images of a teenager, it may add some waiting time prior to your product delivery, but we guarantee your teen will appreciate the difference!  When it brings happiness for decades, a little delay is worth the wait.

Learn all about our Pop-Up Weddings in this brochure, or visit our wedding website at  Inspired Weddings.
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