As an artist, I’m always striving to improve on my work.  I read about photography daily. I lost count of how many workshops I’ve taken, both in person and online. It’s all about the learning.  Often I’m inspired by the giants in the industry, both past and present, to reach for something more.   I subscribe to Professional Photographer Magazine (among many of my reads) and am always in awe of the eye candy presented in this publication.  Exquisitely perfected techniques, inspired post processing and images with impact that smack you in the face.  Love it.

I found the cover of the January 2014 issue was especially captivating.  “Winter Solstice” is a Loan Collection image by Diamond Photographer of the Year Renee Dubins, M.Photog.  The day the magazine arrived at the studio, I also had a session booked with one of my high school senior models.  We decided to try something similar, yet different,  inspired by Renee’s beautiful work. Below is the original followed by my version, obviously inspired by Renee’s image.  I could also see planets and galaxies worked into this type of image instead of the bokah, bubbles or the snow which is visible in Renee’s version.

Renee’s imagery has far more depth than mine, and probably took untold  hours to bring to this level of perfection.  It reminds me that there is  a vast road of learning, and practicing  that I must travel as  I strive towards becoming a better photographer and digital artist.    What a great journey, made even better by the inspiration of giants like Renee!

To see more of Renee’s photography, please visit her site at

Professional-Photographer-Magazine-USA-January-2014 1190-lowres