Dot and Cell Phone

The Tilted Tripod Photo Academy

We’re not just a photo club! Photographers of all skill levels, can come together to learn more about their art form at the Academy. Learn technical skills, tricks, editing, and best practices. We welcome many cameras  too; Including cell phones!

The Tilted Tripod has two events monthly ranging from in-person meetings to internet or live studio workshops and on location exercises. We have plenty of hands-on practice, loads of information in easy to understand terms, and special events to round out the experience.

The introductory fee is only $100.00 annually. Won’t you join us?

All cameras including cell phones welcome at the Tilted Tripod

We welcome all cameras to our club … Including cell phones!

Our meetings and activities are suitable for all skill levels.

Tilted Tripod workshops and hands-on training

Hands-on and in-person training to help build your skills.

Tilted Tripod online learningg

Additional online meetings and training make it easy to participate!

Learn Skills in Easy to Understand Modules

Our Goal is to keep all of the ‘everyday’ photography enthusiasts informed and entertained. There’s never been a better time to pick up that camera you’ve been meaning to learn about and get out and use it!

Don’t Have a Camera? No worries! We’ll be talking cell-phoneography as well!  If you’re looking to buy your first camera, we can help you there too.

Intermediate or Advanced Photographer? Awesome! Let’s talk advanced techniques, and do some editing. We’ll have workshops in advanced areas available too.

Two events monthly including:

-In person and online training.  ( Yes! 2 meetings/mnth)
-Ongoing access to recorded sessions.
-Tutorials for all skill levels delivered in not-so-technical talk.
-Additional workshops … For members and non-members.
-Challenges & Projects
-Practice Assignments
-Progress Measurement

Here’s the in-person schedule for the remainder of 2022. We’ll post the 2023 Winter soon.

November 29 – 268 RRR
-Introduction and Welcome
-Dollars and Sensors (Cameras)
-Software 101
-Tripod Hacks
-Learning Survey
-Challenge Reveal


December 14 – 268 RRR

-Long exposure introduction
-Editing Options
-Learning Survey for New Members
Dim All the Lights
Getting the Christmas Light Shot (Intro to night photogrphy) Hands-On Included. Bring your camera or phone.

December 28 268 RRR

Flash Me! Intro to Flash photography and some advanced techniques for those who already work it!


Upcoming Online Workshops

  • Looooong exposures.
  • The exposure triangle.

Welcome to the Tilted Tripod Academy!As a member of the Tilted Tripod, you’ll have the opportunity to really dive into your craft!

  • Not sure what to do with all those camera features?
  • Want to make your cell phone really work for you?
  • Can’t get the camera off of auto for fear of losing the shot?

We’ll help you learn all these things and much, much more. We’ll discuss not only mirrorless and DSLR options, but also cell phones, sensors, software, editing, modifiers, lighting, flash, special effects and trick photography. You’ll be armed with solid instruction on basic photography and learn to really understand what all those bells and whistles on your gear mean. There is SO much to learn, that you’ll never be able to master it all … but you can try and have fun while you’re doing it!

We’ll also dive deep into using your cellphone; that lightweight, powerful device that everyone has with them almost ALL the time.

You’re all welcome here … every skill level from beginner to pro.

Our upcoming schedule is listed on this page. Won’t you join us in the fun and adventure of creating?

Need Help?  Call us at 807 631 5162.