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Welcome High School Students! Find on this Page:

  • Information about our Sessions
  • What to Expect when you come for a session
  • Information about our Shinel Model Program
  • Application for the High School Model Program

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Start Being Awesome! Don’t trust it on this important occasion to a camera phone snapshot or your uncle Bob’s camera that maybe he really doesn’t know how to use.  Your creation session at Shine Photo Studio will never be just a photo shoot … it’ll be an experience to remember! So… grab your mom or dad, show them this site, and get them to call me for more information and to book your session!  BTW … If you  need that gown and cap shot… You know … the one with the roses or the diploma? Ya, we can take that image for you too!

High School  Senior and Academic Sessions can be reserved between September 2o15 and July 2016.

Watch for our new AMAZING gown and grad fashions from our Model Program Couture Closet!  Coming in January 2016!


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[title size=”2″]Why Choose Shine?[/title]
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You’ve worked hard to reach your goals!  Graduation is milestone in your life and deserves to be commemorated in high style!  More than just a traditional grad photo is needed. Choose a session that will celebrate your life and your accomplishments while commemorating this special time of life with photographic works of art.

Not yet graduating? We have sessions to commemorate all levels of  the high school life-style including academics, and sports from grade 9 -12.

At Shine Photo we strive to create  CUTTING-EDGE, JAW-DROPPING, OUT-OF-THE-ORDINARY Images that reflect YOU … at one of life’s most memorable moments.

Your portraits are original works of art that others won’t have. Besides pictures that ROCK, we take great pride in making you and your guests feel right at home the minute you walk into the studio. We’ll break down the entire process for you, coach you with regards to posing and micro expressions and take the guesswork out of your session for you! Need a gown? Great costumes? Assistance with hair and makeup? We can provide all of that AND MORE!

Bring on the fans and the smoke machines and lets make some fabulous memories and pictures together!

[toggle title=”What to Wear”]

  • Better to bring too many shoes and outfits than not enough. Yes, go ahead and pack a suitcase with wheels. I’m not kidding!
  • Ladies!  Bring your prom dress! No other dress says Prom Queen like your chosen gown. No gown? We can set up an appointment to select one for your portrait session from a fabulous local Boutique at no additional charge.  We’ve also got a closet full of fabulous dresses!
  • Don’t forget the sweet accessories like jewelry, tags or ties.
  • Be sure that your clothing is wrinkle free. The camera sees the wrinkles even if you don’t notice them. We have two steamers at the studio for your convenience, but keep in mind that steaming takes time, so bring a friend or parent to help, so that ironing out those little details doesn’t cut into your camera time!
  • Cheerleader? Bring the uniform! Band? Bring the Instrument! Hockey Player? Bring the gear! Dancer? Bring costumes and shoes. Favorite pet? Bring Fluffy too! You get the idea. Bring what defines YOU to your session.


[toggle title=”Preparing for Your Session”]

  • A brief, pre-session consultation either by phone or in person is recommended prior to all sessions.
  • Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your session start time. This will give you time to fix your makeup, hair and choose the clothing for your images.
  • Don’t forget to bring the makeup, brush, and hair accessories like curling or straitening irons! We have all of these things at the studio, but most grads prefer to wear/use their own.
  • Don’t use a lot of hair spray prior to your arrival. In fact…none is better!
    Guys … the 5 o’clock shadow is a great look! Bring it on! But don’t forget the shaving kit so we can get some smoothed faced shots too!
  • Clean and manicured finger and toenails please. Nothing will ruin a shot like old, chipped, crackle polish in nightmare black!


[toggle title=”Gorgeous Products”]Shine Photo Studio products are GORGEOUS! In addition to traditional prints in lustre, pearl and metallic finishes, ranging in size from 5X7 to the gargantuan 40 X 60, near life size posters, we have:

  • Canvas, acrylic and metal wall art
  • Mounted panel prints
  • Stellar heirloom albums
  • Rhinestone encrusted canvas gallery wraps
  • Grad invitations you won’t see anywhere else!
  • Specialty products such as cell phone cases, metal Christmas ornaments, bag tags, magnets and mousepads.
  • Yearbooks, calenders and directories for schools, teams and organizations

Nothing BOR-ING Here!

[toggle title=”The Shine Model Program”]Be a model and ambassador for Shine Photo for the 20154/2016 school year! The Shine l Model Program is designed to provide local high school students and graduates to age 22, with an empowering opportunity to belong to a high profile, community minded group of young people who complete volunteer hours while having fun in the photographic world with their peers.  All students are welcome to apply regardless of their outward physical appearance.  We encourage you to become positive, and self confident about the way you look and we shoot to always bring out the best in YOU!

What do Shine Model Program members do?

  • Members participate in multiple photo session including Shine publicity sessions, concept shoots, competition shoots and a model’s choice session.
  • They represent Shine Photo as volunteers at local charity and community events. There is a 2 hour minimum monthly commitment to stay active in the program.
  • Members represent Shine Photo within their high school or post secondary school.
  • Members learn about modelling, fashion and beauty, business and leadership in the studio.

What do High School Model Program members get?

  • Shine Photo T-Shirt.
  • Community volunteer opportunities and hours for high school students.
  • Shine Photo studio points for volunteer  and representative commitment completion. High point earners win prizes and scholarships.
  • Your personal session with no session fee.
  • Multiple photo shoot opportunities
  • Participation in the studio magazine, book project and fall/winter fashion show.

The Shine Photo High School Model Program session will run from September 14 2015 – June 15, 2016.    Numerous Volunteer opportunities are available for you to choose from including Halloween events, Food For Fotos at Christmas, Samaritan’s Purse, helping with the Imagetrekkers photo club Calender, blanket tying, blogging, fashion show, community events and more. Promotional photo sessions will be used for the upcoming year’s advertising.

For more information or to apply for a spot as one of our models, contact Nancy by filling in the form below. The program is limited to 25 participants. Parental consent and parent attendance at an information meeting (please see our Model Page for details)  is required to participate.  Please note that application to the program does not imply guaranteed acceptance.  Memberships are by invitation to successful candidates who we feel would be positive role models and representatives, and would positively benefit from the program.  It’s as much about the inner beauty as the outward beauty.  Guys are welcome to participate!
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[title size=”2″]Why Have Your Senior Year Photographed at Shine?[/title]
[progress filledcolor=”#dd6e6e” unfilledcolor=”#dd6e6e”]Crazy concepts, attention to detail and unique digital artwork.[/progress]
[progress filledcolor=”#dd4949″ unfilledcolor=”#dd4949″]Because we SPECIALIZE in High School Photography![/progress]
[progress filledcolor=”#dd3333″ unfilledcolor=”#dd3333″]It’s FUN![/progress]
[progress filledcolor=”#dd1c1c” unfilledcolor=”#dd1c1c”]We’ll coach you! [/progress]
[progress filledcolor=”#dd0000″ unfilledcolor=”#dd0000″]Because your image matters to us as much as it matters to you![/progress]



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[person name=”High School Seniors” facebook=”http://facebook.com” twitter=”http://twitter.com” linkedin=”http://linkedin.com” ]The videos on this page were created in 2012 with graduates from local high schools. These videos appeared on television in 2013 and marked the initiation of the Shine Photo High School Model Program.[/person]

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[person name=”Keira ~ High School Model Program” picture=”http://shinephotostudio.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Keira.jpg”  facebook=”http://facebook.com” twitter=”http://twitter.com” linkedin=”http://linkedin.com” ]Keira is a member of the 2013/2014 High School Model program. She participates in promotional sessions and volunteers at community events.[/person]

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[person name=”View our Photo Gallery” picture=”http://shinephotostudio.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/linktogallery.jpg” facebook=”http://facebook.com” twitter=”http://twitter.com” linkedin=”http://linkedin.com” ]Visit the High School Students and Grads Gallery for more pictures from our photo sessions.[/person]