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Shine Photo: High School Senior Photography
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[tagline_box link=”” title=”Miss out on Dance Pictures this year?  All Dance Studio Portrait Days – July 28- July 30.  $20.00/20 min/20 proofs. Use the Schedule Session link in our main menu.  ”  description=””][/tagline_box][one_half last=”no”] [accordian] [toggle title=”Our Company Mission” open=”no”]Shine Photo is an imaginative, full service photography studio offering high-style, moderately priced, and exceptionally creative images. We view ourselves as partners with our customers, our employees, our community and our environment. We aim to become a nationally recognized brand name, capitalizing on the visual nature of the human experience. Our goal is moderate growth and annual profitability through the offering of an exceptional product.[/toggle] [toggle title=”The Shine Philosophy”] We believe that timeless photo art begins with a clean image ripe with strong emotional impact. Such images stand the test of time on their own without any additional enhancements. As Photoshop professionals however, we may then edit, enhance and combine these images to create imaginative art that brings out the ‘you’ as you dream yourself to be, both now and in the future. Wall art created in this manner will also stand the test of time, allows the subject to truly ‘shine’ and creates an heirloom product that you’ll be proud to hand down to future generations.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Community Matters”] Shine Photo is built on a business model where philanthropy, embedded in social innovation, is at the heart of our daily activities. What is social innovation? It is any idea that can be put into practice for the public good. With society facing unprecedented economic, environmental, social and cultural challenges, these ideas are the key to turning challenges into opportunities that benefit our community. We believe that through the partnering of nonprofits, for-profits, and the public at large, the framework is created for the implementation of these ideas. How do we put it into practice? Our Photo Lounge Booths, available for parties and events, collects money for charities, or food for local food banks as a ‘fee’ for the images. Customers get photos for their donation, we sell additional prints at a profit and the charity benefits from the donation. Everyone wins. This is just one example of the many ways that socially innovative philanthropy is woven into the very fiber of our business fabric. Got a socially innovative idea? We’d love to hear it![/toggle] [/accordian] [/one_half] [one_half last=”yes”] [tabs tab1=”Shine Photo School Photography” tab2=”Ordering Made Easy ” tab3=” Exceptional Quality & Service”] [tab id=1] [fontawesome icon=”random” circle=”yes” size=”large”]

Rise Up! If you’re tired of limited choices, outdated backdrops and boring poses, maybe it’s time to find a school photographer that does things a little differently!  

Soar Above the Crowd! Shine Photo is an imaginative, full service studio that aims to change the face of stiff, stale school photography by offering parents choices for beautiful school portraits that stand the test of time! We provide services to the school throughout the year, to capture not only the September ID photo, but also the sports and team photos, club photos, student portraits and more!

Strong Images: Our photographers capture the spirit of each individual student, using traditional, as well as modern backdrops and outdoor settings. The results? High quality portraits that parents will want to frame! Best of all … it costs no more than traditional school photography methods.   No more endless stacks of unused portraits relegated to a box or junk drawer!

[/tab] [tab id=2]Our photo days system is organized in a way that makes it easy on everyone. The convenient online ordering structure allows the parent to order only what’s needed, and group children into convenient family packages. Parents and students can view all the photos online in our password protected gallery and do all of their ordering and payments through our website. If anyone ever needs help, we are only a phone call away. Being local has it’s advantages![/tab] [tab id=3]Our products are what one would expect from professional studio portraits! We offer gorgeous lustre prints using the variety of expressions, backgrounds and poses captured on picture day. Finally! Parents now have a choice in their annual school portraits! We also offer gallery canvas wraps, metal prints metal key chains, stunning photo jewelry an much more! Shine Photo is partnered with a professional high volume lab, making us capable of handling orders ranging from one print to thousands of prints. All our items come with a satisfaction guarantee! [/tab] [/tabs] [/one_half]

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Family Portraits

Family portraits in our studio, or on location. This could become your most treasured heirloom! Call today! [/one_fourth] [one_fourth last=”no”]

Children’s Limited Editions

Monthly Limited Editions for boys & girls including Fairies, Pirates, Firemen, Seaside and More! [/one_fourth] [one_fourth last=”no”]

High School Seniors

Edgy, alternative, high-style graduation photos! Shine also has a model program for local high school students. [/one_fourth] [one_fourth last=”yes”]

Shine Photo-Volume Sports

High Volume Dance & Sports

Dance, hockey, soccer and more. Coaches/Managers  please contact us for your photo needs![/one_fourth] [tagline_box link=”” title=””][/tagline_box]