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To avoid confusion, please read these instructions carefully before entering the proof album.  If you make a mistake and hit the back button, the album will be disabled. To re-enter the album, use the link below.

Please note we do not ship photos in the Thunder Bay area. Please always select pick up when ordering.  Photo orders will be delivered to the school.  Photo orders are processed once payment has been made.  Shine Photo is an independent, local studio and is not in any way affiliated with other school photo companies.


To view your photos, click on the Valley Central Proof link below.  This will take you to the search page. Click on the name of your school below the photo.  A search form will open. Enter your child’s last name.  You will be prompted to enter your password, which is your child’s OEN number.  Your school willn provide you with information on how to locate this number.

An album of proofs will now open for you.  Click any photo to view a larger image. Click ‘Buy Photo’ to open the order form. The order form is divided into categories of prints, packages, canvas, metals and novelties.   When you select a size, you will be given an option to crop the image.

Retouching of minor blemishes is free.   We are generally pretty good at picking out these items for retouching and take care of them for you without being told to do so. If you need more involved retouching, please indicate what you would like done in the ‘notes’ section of the shopping cart on check out.   Our standard rate is $90.00/hour with a 15 minute minimum. We will contact you to confirm the retouching needs prior to fulfilling the order.

To order photos, add any item you like to the cart.  When checking out, please be sure to use correct information, in the event that we need to contact you.  You will immediately be sent a copy of your order. An invoice, which can be paid by VISA or MC by phone, Paypal online, e-transfer, cheque or cash, will follow within 24 hours to the email you provided.  Your order will be processed upon payment. 

Click HERE to view your child’s photo proofs. 

Your album expires on November 22, 2017 at midnight. 

Turn around time for photo orders is typically 2 weeks. Large items may take a bit longer.


Missed Photo Opportunities   Shine Photo is available for mini sessions for children who missed their portraits due to illness or travel.  Sessions run between 3 and 4 minutes in our studio.  Call 631 5162 for date and time availability or use the convenient Schedule a Session Link in the top navigation bar of our website.

The Challenge of School Photos  

People, including children, are not naturally comfortable in front of the camera.  This can make the prospect of capturing a memorable image during school portrait sessions very challenging.

First, due to the sheer volume of children who require photos,  there are time constraints on how long the photographer can spend with each child. Traditionally this has been between 30 and 45 seconds.  

Second, the photographer has likely never met your child before. He or she will not know what a genuine smile looks like, or how to make that smile happen,  and will not know how your child’s hair is worn on a daily basis.

Third, if the child is shy or gregarious, it may be difficult to pose them for the best image.

For a great portrait, the photographer must get to know the child, determine what a natural smile might look like, make the child feel comfortable and confident, pose them in a great way that shows off their personality and pay attention to any required adjustments of  hair or clothing. AND all this must be done within the time constraints of the volume photo session that is school picture day. Whew.  A daunting task indeed.

At Shine Photo, we believe the key to a great portrait is to adjust the time frame used for the portraits. We spend several minutes with each child rather than mere seconds, and pose them in multiple settings. We use both natural, outdoor settings and indoor studio-like backdrops and flashes.  By spending more time with the child, we can get to know them better, and thereby hopefully can coax out that natural laugh or smile that lights up the eyes.  By using several posing stations, parents have more choice in their portraits.  Our goal is to provide you with a portrait that you will WANT to frame.

Thank you for having us at your school this year, as Shine Photo enters the fast paced world of school photography.

Enjoy your proofs!



Prints and Print Packages.  All images are pre-cut and printed on high quality lustre paper. Even the wallets! 

Metal Prints: A fun, modern way to display your image. Makes a great Christmas Gift!  Look in the Metal Category.

Canvas: Lasting quality. Printed on heavy, UV coated canvas and stretched on a 1.5 inch hardwood frame. The back is finished with black paper, bumpers to protect your wall and sawtooth hangers. Ready to hang and enjoy for decades.  Under the Canvas Category.

Print Package BookletPrint Book.  A single image in a convenient, glossy image book.  Cut out the images as needed. Your book includes a Photo Cover, 2-8×10, 2-5×7, 8-BF’s, 1-4×6 and 8-Mini BF’s (BF is a billfold or wallet image.)  Cut the images as you need them. No more loose photos in a drawer.  Makes a great gift! Find it under the Novelty category. (Please note that our regular prints have a higher quality of paper.) 

Metal key chains.   The perfect size image printed on two sides of an aluminum plate.  Durable, fun, and makes a great gift!  Find it under the Metal Category.

Magnets.  4X5 with a fun border and your child’s name printed on the front. Find it in the Novelty Category.