Our Nostalgic Heirloom Santa Session will keep your children Believing for generations to come!

Yes Virginia, there really IS a Santa Clause, and he stops at Shine Photo several times per year.

  • Our interactive, Nostalgic Santa session is a 40-60 minute extravaganza, designed to provide you with treasured heirloom art that is worthy of a space on your wall all year long.  This session is truly the crown jewel of our service offerings.
  • Each session begins with a consultation a few weeks in advance.  We’ll discuss all the important points of your session, from beginning to the final delivery of your products.
  • Each child receives a VERY special gift for their participation. Scroll down to our Detailed Tabs to find out more!
  • We use a REAL Santa. No fake wigs, no cheap costumes. Santa Mike is pure magic and straight from the North Pole.
  • Our program engages your child for the entire year, leading up to their session and gives them direct access to Santa for the next 12 years.
  • We provide all the costumes, props and antiques needed to make this session extra special.

Want to learn more? Open our Tabbed Details sections below.  You’ll also be able to sign up for our Reindeer Express Newsletter and pre-session payment plan below.

The pre-session consultation takes place in our studio either individually or as a group information session on scheduled dates.

In Your consultation we delve into the specifics of the session and exactly what you can do to make the months leading up to your childs visit with Santa extra special.  We also gather some information so that Santa can better hold a conversation with your child.
We also determine exactly what image products you wish to purchase so that we can best represent this with the images we create.
If you want the personalized album offering, then we’ll ensure that we have all the images necessary to make your album a show-stopper.
Looking for a framed dining room portrait or a portrait for the child’s bedroom? We’ll pay extra attention to the images that will work best for those spots in your home.
Finally we’ll cover pricing and product offerings. In addition to the session fee, we have a minimum purchase requirement for these sessions. As Christmas is typically everyone’s ‘spendiest’ time of year, we offer a convenient pre-payment plan for our Heirloom Artwork Sessions in order to eliminate the stress of gift purchases in December.

Our Nostalgic Heirloom Santa Session has two tracks to choose from.

WHIMSICAL: Each of the images we create has a  fun, yet nostalgic feel, straight from the North Pole.

CHRISTIAN: Our captures in this track  are also whimsical but several images will include references to the Biblical Christmas Story of the birth of Jesus.

It’s your choice and we’ll cover the tracks in further detail at your consultation.


Each child receives a very special gift prior to the session.

The gift includes a beautifully boxed audio book that tells the story of a young boy’s visit to Santa’s workshop on Christmas Eve.

Also included is a carved, wooden, magic portal which provides direct access to Santa every December. Santa will activate the portal with snowflake magic during the photo session, and Bernard the Elf will confirm the activation. The portal also includes some special little tidbits for moms and dads that we’ll discuss in your consultation.

Finally, your child(ren) receive a leather wish book. They can record their Christmas wish list for 12 years, while in the back of the book, parents and grandparents record their wishes for the child. This book in itself in itself is designed to become an heirloom, capturing the desires and handwriting of your child as he/she grows, as well as the wisdom of their elders.

Private Proof Reveal Sessions

These sessions are scheduled for our Everyday Studio, Limited Edition and Fine Art sessions. Your proof reveal is typically scheduled for 3-7 days after your photo session.  We recommend that for ease of selection ordering, you do not bring your children with you to this session.   We have a step-by-step system in place that takes a lot of the indecision out of the process, and ensures that you go home with just the right amount of products that you need, at a price that you can afford.

Shine Photo is a full service studio.   Digital images are not the basis of our business. Print products are.  Think of it as fine dining. When you go to a restaurant, you expect that the meal is prepared for you.  You don’t want just the ingredients (digital files) left on the table for you to cook yourself.   A great deal of work and artwork goes into the preparation of your images so we want to be sure you receive the finished dish from the menu.  We do have digital images sized for sharing that accompany many of our print products as well as an awesome digital app designed to share your images online with as many people as you like across a wide variety of social platforms.

Please be sure to visit our Policy Page for important information about missed proof reveal sessions.


We often get calls asking how much for a shoot, or how much for a session.  If you’ve made it to this point in our website, you know we offer a lot of different sessions, with a lot of different product options, all geared to fit your budget … whatever that may be.  We have clients who spend $50.00 with us, and we have clients who spend thousands.  We appreciate ALL your business.

What we don’t offer is “just a quick picture.”  We work in sessions. Each session has a session fee and gives you image choices and product options.  That alone makes us different from many other photographers. Add on our one-of-a-kind artwork and you have a product that will hang over your sofa, (regardless of how many times you buy a new sofa) for decades.   Frame what you love. Invest in that product to the best of your ability. It’s a priceless investment.


We accept cash, cheque, all major credit cards, e-transfers, Paypal and debit TAP. (Sorry no swipe or debit insert is available.)  TAP is available only to $100.00.

Session fees are due upon invoice.  We expect a session fee to be paid within 48 hours of reserving your session.  Payment confirms your session.

We also have a payment plan for product purchases:

  • Up to $500.00  – 30 days with 30% down payment.
  • Up to $1500.00 – 90 days with 25 % down payment.
  • Higher than 1500.00 – 6 months equal billing.
  • The Heirloom Nostalgic Santa Session has a 10 month pre-payment option.

Session fees cannot be places on a payment plan. Payments are non-refundable.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

The Annual Club Glamor Magazine CoverAttention Mini-Session Fans!   For a limited time, you can join our ‘Annual Club.’  Choose 12 mini sessions from our schedule.  From each session, choose the included HR digital downloads, and select one of these to be printed in your Annual magazine, ready for pickup on December 18th.   The ‘Annual’ magazine is an awesome way to commemorate your child’s growth, from month to month.  Several cover designs are available. Choose that too later in the year, so that it looks great with your favourite cover image.    The initial Annual Magazine is valued at $55.00 with duplicate copies available for $25.00 each.  Your Annual Club membership includes the initial magazine, and 12 sessions valued at approximately 565.00. Get it NOW for $375.00 + HST.  Save on average $200.00!! (Exact savings depend on the cost of the chosen 12 mini sessions.)  Want to join?  Buy Now and we’ll contact you within 24 hours … or call us at 807 631 5162. All mini sessions are for children 1 year or older unless otherwise stated. Check our MINI SESSION SCHEDULE for details.

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