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Why are PIN UP portraits so different from the many other photos out there?
It’s because of both our real AND virtual magic! We begin with advice on hair and make-up, lights, props,  and posing technique. Not sure where to look, when to smile or how to stand? No worries. We’ll coach you through all of that.  Expression is the magic ingredient so that your images are fun and natural.

Would you like to add a hair and makeup specialist? We can do that.

Next we add a custom sprinkle of highly skilled digital artwork. We might even let the virtual plastic surgeon, Dr. Photoshop and his makeup assistant into the art room to spice up any areas you’d like to see enhanced.  Thin out that arm? No problem. Tummy tuck? We can do that too. Face lift? No injections required! The result is a magical portrait of you as YOU want to see yourself. Our Pin Up Portraits do all this AND add a vintage, illustrative whammy that’ll keep you enjoying your portrait for years to come.

Booking a session with Shine Photo is the first step to owning this one-of-a-kind artwork. Then you’ll proceed to the pre-session consultation in person or by phone. We’ll  chat about prop, clothing, product, and artwork needs before the big day.

Your session will last on average 2 hours allowing some time for fixing your hair and makeup. You’re in for a treat as we aim is to make your experience as fun and as memorable as the photos themselves.

Bubble Gum Pin Up Art at Shine PhotoBEAUTY IS A STATE OF MIND

Beauty is a state of mind, and is present in every confident woman.  We live in a visual society where everyone has a camera. These snapshots often wind up on sticks and disks stored haphazardly in a drawer, forgotten, erased or doomed to a short lifespan as today’s online profile picture. Isn’t it time that you hired a professional to take that lasting, beautiful image?

There is no longer any reason for you to avoid the camera. Life won’t wait until you get thin enough or good enough to capture it. Life is happening right now and the only moment we are guaranteed is the one we are living. Let your loved ones remember the you they love! Let us show you the possibilities of digital enhancements to create images YOU love!

Our pin up sessions is suitable for women of all ages. Curves are welcome! Because you deserve to have a beautiful portrait, and so do the people that love you!

A brief, pre-session consultation either by phone or in person over coffee is recommended prior to all sessions and is included in your session fee.
At the consultation we’ll determine what needs to be done in advance to make this a great experience for everyone. We’ll decide style, color and start working with you to determine what the final product will look like.

Having all of this info in advance, we can ensure that your final pictures are exactly what you wanted, and more importantly, what you love.
Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your session start time. This will give you time to fix your makeup, hair and choose the clothing for your images.
Don’t forget to bring the makeup, brush, and hair accessories like curling or straitening irons! We have all of these things at the studio, but most people prefer to wear/use their own.

Clean and manicured finger and toenails please. Nothing will ruin a shot like old, chipped, crackle polish in a here-today-gone-tomorrow color.

Pin Up Photo by Gil ElvgrenPin up art originated in the 1940’s in it’s most recognizable style, but has a history that dates back into the 1800’s.  Pin Ups were informal, innocently sexy images that were meant to be ‘pinned’ to a wall. They were often pages torn from magazines, and during WWII were pinned up above the bunks of submarine personnel.  Airmen painted the images of pin up models on the front fuselages of their aircraft, creating the genre known as ‘nose art.’

While the ’40’s images focused mostly on legs, by the ’50’s, the emphasis shifted to breasts. Betty Grable and Marilyn Monroe were two of the most popular pinup models. Bettie Mae Page was an American model who gained a significant profile in the 1950’s for her pin-up photos. Often referred to as the “Queen of Pinups”, her jet black hair, blue eyes, and trademark bangs have influenced artists for generations.

Alberto Vargas an Italian painter, became famous in the 1940’s as the creator of iconic World War-II era pin-ups for Esquire magazine known as “Vargas Girls.” His work was typically a combination of water color and airbrush.  Many believe that Gil Elvgren was and continues to be the best pin-up artist the world has ever known. From the mid 1930’s through 1972, Elvgren produced over five hundred paintings of beautiful girls and women. Almost all of these works are oil on canvas, and fully developed finished works of art. More information about Elvgren and his work can be found at

At Shine Photo we create pin up art in a more formal state.  Images are photographed and then digitally enhanced according to our consultation to create wall art that can be framed or stretched as a canvas.

You’ve had your portraits taken, so now what? Your proofs will be ready for viewing in our studio 2-5 days after the session at our studio. We’ll arrange a proof reveal and sales session with you at the time of your session. Viewing can take from 30 minutes to an hour or longer. This is an important decision and we’re not about to rush you. However, this session is the time when included portraits are chosen and additional portraits are purchased. Be sure to have any decision makers in attendance with you.

You will never experience high pressure sales at Shine Photo, and we will help you and advise you through the process.

How much is this going to cost me? Shine Photo is a mid-priced studio. We are not by far the most expensive but neither are we the department-store-uber-cheap print shop. We have a build-your-own collection system for portraits so that you’re not stuck purchasing packages that you don’t really want. You will set your own budget. Build-your-own collections can include prints, wall portraits, album or man-gazine (a special magazine for your significant other), canvas, wood and metal wall art and collages.  Digital images for sharing are included with your print and product purchases.

Your proof reveal session is scheduled with you in mind. Please also review our policies about rescheduling, cancellations and missed sessions under Policies in the About tab of our main menu.

Our parties are 3 hours long, and include a session for all the participants along with refreshments and snacks and special surprises.
Call to inquire about our ‘Hen’s Night Out’ party starting at only $125.00.00 per person! (Minimum of 4 guests.)

These parties take place in our studio and are perfect for bachelorette parties, a birthday and retirement get-together or just for the fun of it.
Each participants receives one high key, 8×10 pin up image from their session.

Your party hostess or the bride receives an 8×10 of her choice as well as a group image.  Shareable digitals are included of the choices.
Additional artwork and images are available for purchase.

Have your hair and makeup prepped by your favourite stylist, do-it-yourself, or use one of our seasoned experts to create your Pin-Up look.

Add our styling assistant to a personal session for only $50.00 + HST.

Add our styling assistant to your Pin-Up Party for only $25.00 per person + HST.

Availability of our stylists are checked following the consultation and confirmed with your payment of the session fees.

To reserve your session, just give us a call at 80 7631 5162 or email Nancy at

Shine Photo Pin Up Session Price Guide