NEW! To Shine Photo is the very fun and interactive LIVE PORTRAIT app!  Simply download the free app, and scan an enabled photo with your phone to activate the video embedded in the picture.

Live Portait works on pictures on the wall, on Christmas cards, business cards, and even on photos on a screen!


  1. Be on a wifi enabled network.
  2. Download and install the free app.
  3. Scan a photo that has been enabled by a professional photographer.
  4. Enjoy the embedded video.

Please watch the video provided to learn more about the app.  It makes Christmas Cards more personal; business cards more informative and portraits more engaging.  NOTE:  You no longer have to tap the phone to go to full screen. Simply move the phone away from the image to enjoy full screen video.

Scan the picture of our dog Captain K9 with the app on your phone to see a happy pup slideshow! 

Want to add Live Portait to your images?  Contact us!

Did you get a Live Portrait CHRISTMAS CARD?  These will remain enabled for 90 days after Christmas.

Download the App  by clicking on the links below.

Google Play