Thank you for attending my presentation at Imaging USA!   Below you will find a link to drop box,  where I’ve placed some handy little freebees for you!

You’ll find:

  • A roadmap to getting started in volume dance photography from first contact to followup after the shoot.
  • A .pdf file with some actionable ideas for building trust with studio owners, parents and dancers in your community.
  • A discount coupon to the workshop “Creating a Marketing Playbook” over at Boutique
  • A coupon code for BP4U resources. (My favorite place for all kinds of templates, documents and handy dandy photographer goodies at super reasonable prices.)


Boutique Volume Logo

The website is my web baby where I am uploading paid courses, free materials and one-on-one coaching sessions for a variety of Boutique Volume Genres.

Dance of course is one of these genres, but you’ll also find information there regarding my Modeling Programs (as seen in Professional Photographer Magazine December 2020) as well as Pop Up Weddings.  Yes you CAN volumize weddings!

The site is currently undergoing a change from a pure, paid membership site to a pay per course model, so please check back often to see what’s been added, and please bear with me as I iron out any web glitches.

Finally … I invite you to join the Boutique Volume VIP Group on Facebook.  Let’s talk!