This is our second most asked question by phone and in person. What’s the most asked question?  See the answer to our FAQ entitled  ‘How Much Do You Charge?’ for that one.

First, if you are registering for a session with us, chances are, you are not going to go through all of that time and effort just to get one 8X10.  With the exception of event and high volume photos (where a single print order is common) if you only want ‘one quick picture’  you’re better off taking one of our workshops and doing the photo yourself. Seriously. We’re OK with that.

Our sessions are meant to be fun, and memorable, AND they are meant to give you a LOT of pictures to choose from.  Before you ask how much for an 8X10, think about what you really want your photo to do for you, and what kind of experience you want in regards to the creation of your images. Want a digital file for Facebook?  Then check out our social media package. Want gifts for Christmas?  Then our collections are the most economically priced. Want one great print for the wall?  8X10’s typically disappear on an average home wall and you might be sorry you purchased something that small. Consider that you may want something larger in canvas, acrylic or metal. We have brochures to help you decorate with your portraiture. Just ask!  We also have a  pre session consultation available at no charge to help you plan your session and any purchases that you might want to make. We are here to assist and advise and you will never experience high pressure sales sessions in our studio.

So, back to the question.   A lustre 8X10 print from the A La ‘Carte menu is $49.00.   This price is lower and varies in our print collections.  8X10s are also included in some of our session fees.  If you feel you need to get the defibrillator after reading our price, then please check these FAQs as well: