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Your Last Family Portrait Was WHEN?

Perhaps you’ve never had a family portrait, or perhaps it was many years ago. Is everyone in your family represented in the portrait? At Shine Photo your portraits are original works of art that you’ll be proud to place prominently in your home. In our pre-session consult we’ll discuss what type of image best suits your needs. Modern outdoor scene? Clean, quite setting at home? An evening in our comfortable studio? Artistic, digitally enhanced, one of a kind art-worked photo? Portrait images communicate how we feel about ourselves, our world, and our loved ones. Their subject matter and settings are limited only by imagination: children as they grow, family times or events, artistic personal statements—all are appropriate subjects for decorative portraiture. “The family photo can become, in an instant, the single most emotionally important image or document that you will ever own. It is the one image that once owned, will make you wonder how you ever did without. It is also the one image that is more likely than any other to become a family heirloom.” At Shine we’re happy to work with you to get you the images that you need, and that you’ll love for years to come. [/one_half] [one_half last=”no”] [title size=”2″]Why Choose Shine?[/title] [toggle title=”Decorating With Portraiture “] From our free decorating brochure. Be sure to ask for your copy … Because they reveal something about the character or the interests of the individuals who work there, portraits personalize any interior decor as well as enhance the enjoyment of those who visit there.

Define a Space

Define a Space

Designing For Impact

The placement of portraits in relation to the room’s furnishings is critical when their purpose is to create a dramatic decorative focal point. Whether the artwork is the central component of a room concept or an isolated accessory, all of the elements of design—color, style, composition, and size—must work together to complete the decorative statement.

Planning Your Artwork

Giving life to your personal artwork begins with a planning session, during which you and the photographer or design consultant explore your ideas and discuss creative possibilities. When the finished work is on display in your home or office, you will find that it serves as both a tasteful reflection of your individualized decorating style and a tribute to the ones you love.

Determining Size

An appropriately sized portrait is one that dominates the space in which it is hung, but does not appear to crowd that space. When planning an individual portrait or a collection of images to be hung together, be sure to establish whether the space lends itself better to a vertical or horizontal composition. Achieving Color Harmony The portrait’s overall color theme should blend with or complement the room’s color palette. Carefully chosen clothing and background elements can add richness to the room’s color scheme.

Selecting A Style

The decorative intent of the room in which you plan to display portraiture will set the design tone for the portrait and help in your selection of clothing and setting.

Displaying Portraiture in Your Home and Office

Families today are choosing to preserve their heritage and commemorate their lifestyles in photographic portraits that serve as decorative focal points in their homes and offices. When portraiture is a primary design element, it makes the decor of any location you choose more personalized and cheerful, or even more dramatic.

Exploring Creative Possibilities

Portraits present an endless array of decorative possibilities that are as diverse as the individuals and families they reflect. They are appropriate as focal points in both public and private rooms, so display them where you, your family, and your guests can enjoy them every day. [/span6] [/toggle] [toggle title=”How to Prepare for Your Session”] It’s better to bring to much to your session that to forget important items.

  • Indeed! Too many shoes/accessories and outfits are better than too few. Yes, go ahead and pack a suitcase that members of your family can share and quickly grab accessories from. We have a change room, washroom, baby change table and two makeup stations for your convenience in the studio. Oh and did I mention the comfortable chairs? Coffee is always on for you too!
  • For family portraits, some color/style coordination in the clothing is desirable. That doesn’t mean that everything has to be matchy – matchy. Check our two examples below.

Coordination in everyone’s shoes matters too! Glamourous evening sandals next to dad’s cowboy boots and the kid’s old runners will look a little odd. (Ok … a lot odd.)

  • Be sure that your clothing is wrinkle free. The camera sees the wrinkles even if you don’t notice them. We have two steamers at the studio for your convenience, but keep in mind that steaming takes time, which may cut into your camera time on our busy days.
  • Ensure that everyone’s finger and toe nails are cut, clean and groomed. Nothing will ruin (and date) a photo quicker than dirty, un-manicured nails with chipped polish in the current color fad. Keep the nails short, clean and free of old and chipped polish for the best results in your portrait.
  • Keep hair and makeup natural. Avoid a lot of hairspray or product. These can make your hair look overly shiny, greasy or stiff in the photo. We can always ADD product during your session, but we can’t take it out.
  • Most importantly, leave the stress at home. Family portraits can be chaotic. But once you arrive at the studio, it’s time to relax. Let the photographer be in charge of the poses, and expressions. Adult stress affects the kids too. They feel it. We want this to be a great, memorable experience for you, so enjoy the hour or three that you spend at the studio and leave the stressing to us!

Indigo sample clothing for family session Sample red clothing choices for portraits                 [/toggle] [toggle title=”The Pre-Session Consultation”]

  • A brief, pre-session consultation either by phone or in person over coffee (preferred)  is recommended prior to all sessions and is included in your session fee.
  • At the consultation we’ll determine what needs to be done in advance to make this a great experience for everyone. We’ll decide style, color and start working with you to determine what the final product will look like.  Bey having all of this info in advance, we can ensure that your final pictures are exactly what you wanted, and more importantly, what you love.
  • Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your session start time. This will give you time to fix your makeup, hair and choose the clothing for your images.
  • Don’t forget to bring the makeup, brush, and hair accessories like curling or straitening irons! We have all of these things at the studio, but most people prefer to wear/use their own.
  • Don’t use a lot of hair spray prior to your arrival. In fact…none is better!  We can always add product. We can’t remove it. Guys … the 5 o’clock shadow is a great look! Bring it on! But don’t forget the shaving kit so we can get some smoothed faced shots too!
  • Clean and manicured finger and toenails please. Nothing will ruin a shot like old, chipped, crackle polish in nightmare black!

[/toggle] [toggle title=”After the Session”]You’ve had your portraits taken, now what? Your proofs will be ready for viewing in our studio 2-5 days after the session at our studio on a large screen.  We’ll arrange a viewing and sales session with you at the time of your session.  Viewing can take from 20 minutes to an hour or longer. Once again, don’t stress. This is an important decision and we’re not about to rush you.  However, this session is the time when included  portraits are chosen and additional portraits are  purchased.   You will never experience high pressure sales at Shine Photo, and we will help you and advise you through the process. How much is this going to cost me?   Shine Photo is a mid-priced studio.  We are not by far the most expensive but neither are we the department-store-uber-cheap print shop. We have a build-your-own collection system for family portraits so that you’re not stuck purchasing packages that you don’t really want.  You will set your own budget.  Build-your-own collections include a wall portrait, album or book, gift prints (8×10’s, 5×7’s and wallets)  and specialty products like the digital brag book.  For more information give us a call, inquire about pricing at the pre-session consultation or check our FAQs. [/toggle] [toggle title=”Gorgeous Products”]In addition to our standard gift size prints, we also have:

  • Canvas, acrylic and metal wall art
  • Mounted panel prints
  • Heirloom leather, leatherette, cloth, crystal and metal covered albums
  • Gallary quality canvas wraps
  • Christmas cards and ornaments
  • Specialty gift items such as cell phone cases, magnets and mouse pads.
  • Digital brag books
  • Social Media custom timelines and page covers
  • Family directories for larger organizations (25 family minimum) or churches

[/toggle] [toggle title=”True Story: The Psychology of the Family Portrait”] Way back in 1979 I worked for a photography studio based in Oshawa that traveled from town to town setting up telephone solicitation centers. Family photos were booked on the phone and the photographer arrived 2 weeks later to photograph the families in a hotel room. I was the office manager that traveled from one city to the next setting up the call center. The script we used to book the portrait session focused heavily on how uncertain life was and how if you didn’t get the family photo today, you may never get the opportunity again. After all, who knows what life holds. It was a script designed to really SELL those sessions by appealing to the client’s emotions! Fast forward 35 years. Life has taught me that ‘the script’ wasn’t just a pitch. It was based in the realities of life. People pass away, accidents happen. Kids grow up and move away to start families of their own. Getting the family together for a portrait becomes more and more difficult with the steady march of time. The truth is that in an instant, the family photo can become the single most emotionally important image/document that you will ever own. It is the one image that once owned, will make you wonder how you ever did without. It is the one image that is more likely than any other to become a family heirloom. October marks international family portrait month. Make October 2014 the month you get your family professionally photographed! But then again, why wait? Reserve your session today![/toggle] [/one_half] [one_half last=”yes”] [title size=”2″]Why Have Your Family  Photographed at Shine?[/title] [progress filledcolor=”#dd6e6e” unfilledcolor=”#dd6e6e”]Studio or on location sessions[/progress] [progress filledcolor=”#dd4949″ unfilledcolor=”#dd4949″]Modern & Traditional Family Photography![/progress] [progress filledcolor=”#dd3333″ unfilledcolor=”#dd3333″]Large & small groups welcome![/progress] [progress filledcolor=”#dd1c1c” unfilledcolor=”#dd1c1c”]Virtually limitless studio backgrounds (ask us about this!) [/progress] [progress filledcolor=”#dd0000″ unfilledcolor=”#dd0000″]Because your image matters to us as much as it matters to you![/progress]   [/one_half] [separator top=”60″ style=”none”] [title size=”2″]Check This Out[/title] [one_third last=”no”] [person name=”Interactive Family Magazine” picture=”” facebook=”” twitter=”” linkedin=”” ]Visit our 2014 Interactive Family Magazine to learn more about child and family portraits. COMING SOON![/person] [/one_third] [one_third last=”no”] [person name=”Church & Organizatinal Directories” picture=””  facebook=”” twitter=”” linkedin=”” ]Ask about our beautiful family directories and fund raising opportunities. Perfect for churches and professional organizations. COMING SOON![/person] [/one_third] [one_third last=”yes”] [person name=”View our Photo Gallery” picture=”” facebook=”” twitter=”” linkedin=”” ]Visit the Family Portrait Gallery for more pictures from our photo sessions. COMING SOON![/person] [/one_third]

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