Shine Photo: Fairy Limited Edition Portraits for Children

Fairies are one of our most popular Limited Edition Sets. We typically hold Fairy Portrait Days twice a year.

Upcoming Winter ‘Frozen Fairy Princess Limited Edition:’

  • THUNDER BAY:  November 28 – Nov 30, 2019  at our Crawford Street Studio.
  • NIPIGON : December 8 Limited Availability! Don’t delay your registration!  At The Edge Arts Center.

Your Session Includes:
-All props and costumes for your session
-30 – 40 minutes of studio time
-Private (Thunder Bay ) or online (Nipigon)  proof reveal
-1 complimentary, fully art-worked 8X10, 1 5×7 and a shareable digital image (same pose)

Children must be age 3 or older. Not every 3 year old is mature enough for a photo session … as the parent, please keep this in mind. Happy children make the best portraits. Two siblings from the same family can be in one session. The third child incurs a second session fee.
Session Fee: $99.00 plus HST.  Total $111.87

Reserve Your Session Online


Our Frozen Fairy Princess images can also be created with or without fairy wings. We have both a visible backdrop and a projected backdrop system. The projection method allows us to quickly change the backdrop without interrupting your session. The visible cloth backdrop adds to the experience for your child. By using both, we can create the greatest number of poses for you to choose your finished products from.  This is indeed one of our most beautiful sets. The overall color and styling is a light blue color, similar to the new Disney movie promos.

See our tabbed folders below for all the details and a price list.  Images ordered by December 10th will be ready for Christmas.

Our Fairy Portrait Sessions have a minimum age of 3.  There are no exceptions to this rule. We have found that children need to be at least 3 in order to be safe in the set (which has small parts) and to understand the story line of the session. Some 3 year old children are not mature enough for a photo session. That’s OK! We aren’t going anywhere, and we’d be happy to do this session with you at a later date.

Children typically love to interact with our ‘fairies’ and play along with the story. Often they’ll go home talking about the fairies for the next several weeks!

We can accommodate 2 children from the same immediate family (household) in a single session. The third child incurs a second session fee.

  • HAIR:  Up and off the face. This prevents shadows from darkening the expression of your child in the image.
  • FINGER AND TOE NAILS:   Clean, cut and free of polish.
  • SKIN: Be sure to remove all dirt, bandaid residue and temporary tattoos.
  • GOT SCRATCHES OR BOO BOOs?  No worries. We’ve got Dr. Photoshop for that. We fix things you CAN’T help for free (like a scratch or bruise). We charge a fee to Photoshop little things that ARE under your control (like temporary tattoo removal).
  • PANTIES:  Should be white or ivory. Please avoid loud colors and patterns which may show through the costumes.
  • MAKEUP:  Keep this to a bare minimum.  Clear lip gloss can make any little girl feel very grown up and is OK.  A little mascara on older children is also OK.  No other makeup should be used.

A few days after your session, we’ll have you back to the studio to view your proofs, choose your complimentary package and purchase your images.  Sometimes, people think that they have paid for the complimentary image. This is not the case. These printed images are our gift to you. Your session fee covers our time, expertise, use of props and the time it takes to prepare your proofs and view them with you.

At your proof reveal, we’ll show you the best of your images. We’ll discuss with you how each image would receive artwork should you choose it.

Any purchased image is backed up 3X and kept on file with us in perpetuity.  Images not purchased are saved for 90 days and then deleted.

Your proof reveal session will typically last 40- 60 minutes.

Nipigon clients will view their proofs in a password protected album using a phone chat. If the weather is good, we may be able to come back to do the reveals in person.

We have a large selction of products to choose from:

  • Prints and Packages
  • Digital Files
  • Mobile Digital App (shareable files)
  • Canvas
  • Metal Prints
  • Personalized Albums with Poetry
  • Christmas Cards and Ornaments
  • Blankets
  • Jewelry
  • Key Chains
  • Luxury Framed Prints

We have Print Collections, Digital HR Art File Collections, and Combination Collections.  Full Price lists are available at your private proof reveal.

Digital Files are .jpg files.   As we do not know which printer, lab, ink or paper type you will be using to print your images, we do not guarantee the quality of your print from digital files. All our files are created to our own print standards.

Frame What You Love.

We believe that high quality professionally printed images  have the longevity that you’ll require and therefore we recommend our print packages.  We also believe in the fun of digital and include a social shareable file with each printed purchase.  The same amount of work, time and expense goes into the creation of each digital file as for our printed products.  We guarantee the results of all our printed images.


Frozen Fairies and Princesses.