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All messages are answered during office hours. Irregularities in hours due to off site sessions and weddings are posted on our home page.

Studio owners … are you in need of high quality dance or artistic sports photography? Parents look forward to a photographic record of their child’s accomplishments. We have volume solutions available in our studio or at your location. Call us at 631 5162 to discuss your needs.


Orders left more than 90 days no longer carry guarantees. Please visit our HOME page for irregular hour updates. Regular hours 12-5 Tues -Friday.


Dance Portraits at Shine Photo

All order are in. Please pick yours up soon!


All orders are in. Please pick yours up soon!



All orders are in! Please pick yours up soon!


Dance Portraits at Shine Photo

Proofs are up and ordering is in progress!


Digital orders have been uploaded. Check your emails! Prints are at the lab and expected to arrive this week.

Al Khayr Academy

All orders are in. Prints have been delivered to the school. Digital files have been uploaded. Check your emails.

St. Francis School

Kinder Grad Digital Orders are uploaded. Check your emails. Prints will be delivered to the school.


Competitive Groups, Trios, Duets and Solos & Recreational Groups

Each group/trio,duet or soloist will be required to be in full costume with makeup and hair done at the dance studio on their scheduled date and time. Please also be sure to have the appropriate shoes and accessories. Your teacher will work with you to have 3 poses ready prior to the photo shoot. Head shots will also be taken of  all competitive student’s in one costume of the studio director’s choice for the yearbook.

Young Recreational Dancers 6 and under will have two individual pictures taken in their group costumes.   All other recreational dancers may have one individual portrait taken as scheduled by your studio director if time permits.  If individual photos are not done at your studio, please look to our mini sessions for a comprehensive personal session.

A schedule for the photos will follow from your studio.  Here’s what you need to do on Picture Day

  • Parents … don’t stress. Children feel the stress and it will affect their portrait session.  This is especially true for young dancers.
  • Make sure your child has a good night’s sleep.
  • Bellies full.
  • Hair clean and done as per studio instructions.
  • Skin clean. No band-aid or tattoo residue.
  • Finger and toe nails groomed and free of dirt or polish.
  • MAKEUP: Please leave it in your dance bag.  Stage makeup looks great on stage but ruins a professional portrait. Keep makeup to a bare, natural minimum.
  • Got a scratch or boo boo that’s beyond your control? No worries. We have that covered.
  • Steam your costumes. The camera sees wrinkles. Clean your shoes (including the soles). The camera sees dirt.  We charge a fee to fix or retouch items that are under your control.
  • ARRIVE EARLY.  Our business is based on time and talent.  Arriving 20 minutes late is not acceptable. Sorry, we do not ‘photoshop’ your child into a group photo.  Prep early so that you can arrive early so that you are on time for your appointment.

WHAT IS AN EDITED IMAGE? When we say that an image is edited, it means that it is correct overall and ready for print.  Edits include cropping, color, exposure and white balance correction and possibly the addition of a global filter. Filters can add warmth or lighting effects and are added only as means of enhancing the image. Not all image series have filters added.  All of our digital images are fully edited when you purchase them.


Retouching is additional work done by an expert in a post processing program that enhances skin, cleans backgrounds, and even does some heavy lifting like removal of braces and blemish removal. In general, standard retouches are applied to any item in the image that the subject wants touched up but has no control over … such as highly visible blemishes.  Restorative retouching can be done for a reasonable extra charge. These retouches include glare removal in glasses, fixing teeth, removal of braces etc.

All images ordered for print include standard retouching at no additional charge.

Although Dr. Photoshop is on our permanent staff, we do not retouch everything for free. Items under your control such as poorly applied makeup, dirty clothing, shoes or wrinkled wear can be fixed, but  a charge will apply.

One final thought on retouching.  It adds time to your order.  Retouching is done by hand using software by real people who are highly skilled in the use of the software.  We live in an era of instant, but timeless images take time to prepare.  When we remove all the acne in 20 images of your teenager, it may add some waiting time prior to your product delivery, but we guarantee your teen will appreciate the difference!  When it brings happiness for decades, a little delay is worth the wait.


All of our high volume (sports and school photos) and mini sessions have online ordering systems in place right on our website. Proofs are visible approximately (sometimes less, sometimes a little longer) one week after the final day of photo sessions. Your studio director will send you an email with the Proof album password.  To order, simply go to Proofs (or click the link  that appears on this page once proofs are live)  in our main navigation and follow the links to  your Studio’s album. Enter the password provided to you by your Studio’s administration.  As a safety measure you will be asked to enter your email address.

Double click any image to open a larger view. Add images that you want into your cart. Be sure to check out with all correct and current contact info. We will never spam you, but if we need to reach you about your order, we’ll need working contact info for you.

  • View order and pay online from the comfort of home.
  • Orders not paid immediately online will be invoiced in 24 -48 hours.
  • Select exactly what you need.
  • Add optional retouching or artwork.
  • Purchase yearbooks or novelty items.
  • Personal online proof galleries expire 3 weeks after opening.  IMPORTANT: Once the gallery closes, it is closed, and will not reopen until Black Friday for one weekend of ordering for those who missed out.  Please don’t procrastinate. Order early.

All print orders can be picked up at our studio located at 268 Red River Road.


  • Tues – Friday noon – 5 pm.  A quick call before attending is recommended in the event that a photo shoot is in progress on your arrival.


We accept cash, cheque, VISA, MC, e-transfer or Paypal to Shine Photo at the time of purchase. When you place an online order, you will immediately receive a confirmation of your order. If not paid immediately by CC or Paypal, you will receive an invoice, sent to your email in 24-48 hours. The invoices are checked and sent manually, hence they are not immediate. Sorry we do not accept Credit Cards by phone. Payment is due at the time of the order. Debit tap and in person CC payments are available at our studio location during regular hours. Please visit our Contact page for details.


Follow this page to see when orders are ready for pickup.  For some sports leagues, orders are delivered to the league during a regular practice.  Orders not picked up return to Shine Photo for pickup at OUR studio.  Dance photos, unless delivered at recital or Festival are available for pickup at our studio at 268 Red River Road during our regular hours Tues-Fri noon – 5 pm.  We always recommend a quick call in advance, just in case we are in the middle of shoot such as a newborn session.  Orders left beyond 90 days will forfeit the guaranteed satisfaction or reprint option. Please come and get your images as soon as they are ready!


Due to the volume of orders received from multiple dance studio, we are no longer able to do personal notifications. To check the status of your order, please visit this page. We regularly update the status near the top of the page.

Our Studio We are now open at 268 Red River Road. Tue – Fri 12PM – 5PM. Please check our contact page for exact hours as sometimes we are unavailable due to weddings and other sessions.

Seeking Dance, Figure Skating and Gymnastics Models for photographer training. At Shine Photo we run training programs for professional photographers who photograph artistic sports globally. We are currently seeking models to pose for reference photos to show technique. All ages and skill levels welcome to apply. Call 631 5162 and leave a message.