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June 20, 2020.  Shine Photo Studio will re-open on Tuesday June 23, 2020.  We will be taking individual portraits at our studio for dance studios as scheduled by your dance studio director.

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Upcoming Individual Dance Portraits at Shine Photo


Dance Portraits at Shine Photo

Photo Days : June 25 & 26.

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Photo Days TBA



2020 Portrait Days are complete. Thank you for your business!


Dance Portraits at Shine Photo

Photo Days TBA

Competitive Groups, Trios, Duets and Solos & Recreational Groups

Each group/trio,duet or soloist will be required to be in full costume with makeup and hair done at the dance studio on their scheduled date and time. Please also be sure to have the appropriate shoes and accessories. Your teacher will work with you to have 3 poses ready prior to the photo shoot. Head shots will also be taken of  all competitive student’s in one costume of the studio director’s choice for the yearbook.

Young Recreational Dancers 6 and under will have two individual pictures taken in their group costumes.   All other recreational dancers may have one individual portrait taken as scheduled by your studio director if time permits.  If individual photos are not done at your studio, please look to our mini sessions for a comprehensive personal session.

A schedule for the photos will follow from your studio.  Here’s what you need to do on Picture Day

  • Parents … don’t stress. Children feel the stress and it will affect their portrait session.  This is especially true for young dancers.
  • Make sure your child has a good night’s sleep.
  • Bellies full.
  • Hair clean and done as per studio instructions.
  • Skin clean. No band-aid or tattoo residue.
  • Finger and toe nails groomed and free of dirt or polish.
  • MAKEUP: Please leave it in your dance bag.  Stage makeup looks great on stage but ruins a professional portrait. Keep makeup to a bare, natural minimum.
  • Got a scratch or boo boo that’s beyond your control? No worries. We have that covered.
  • Steam your costumes. The camera sees wrinkles. Clean your shoes (including the soles). The camera sees dirt.  We charge a fee to fix or retouch items that are under your control.
  • ARRIVE EARLY.  Our business is based on time and talent.  Arriving 20 minutes late is not acceptable. Sorry, we do not ‘photoshop’ your child into a group photo.  Prep early so that you can arrive early so that you are on time for your appointment.

WHAT IS AN EDITED IMAGE? When we say that an image is edited, it means that it is correct overall and ready for print.  Edits include cropping, color, exposure and white balance correction and possibly the addition of a global filter. Filters can add warmth or lighting effects and are added only as means of enhancing the image. Not all image series have filters added.  All of our digital images are fully edited when you purchase them.


Retouching is additional work done by an expert in a post processing program that enhances skin, cleans backgrounds, and even does some heavy lifting like slimming, face thinning and blemish removal. In general, standard retouches are applied to any item in the image that the subject wants touched up but has no control over … such as highly visible blemishes.  Restorative retouching can be done for a reasonable extra charge. These retouches include glare removal in glasses, fixing teeth, removal of braces etc.

All images ordered for print include standard retouching at no additional charge.

Although Dr. Photoshop is on our permanent staff, we do not retouch everything for free. Items under your control such as poorly applied makeup, dirty clothing, shoes or wrinkled wear can be fixed, but  a charge will apply.

One final thought on retouching.  It adds time to your order.  Retouching is done by hand using software by real people who are highly skilled in the use of the software.  We live in an era of instant, but timeless images take time to prepare.  When we remove all the acne in 20 images of your teenager, it may add some waiting time prior to your product delivery, but we guarantee your teen will appreciate the difference!  When it brings happiness for decades, a little delay is worth the wait.


All of our high volume (sports and school photos) and mini sessions have online ordering systems in place right on our website. Proofs are visible approximately (sometimes less, sometimes a little longer) one week after the final day of photo sessions. Your studio director will send you an email with the Proof album password.  To order, simply go to Proofs (or click the link  that appears on this page once proofs are live)  in our main navigation and follow the links to  your Studio’s album. Enter the password provided to you by your Studio’s administration.  As a safety measure you will be asked to enter your email address.

Double click any image to open a larger view. Add images that you want into your cart. Be sure to check out with all correct and current contact info. We will never spam you, but if we need to reach you about your order, we’ll need working contact info for you.

  • View order and pay online from the comfort of home.
  • Orders not paid immediately online will be invoiced in 24 -48 hours.
  • Select exactly what you need.
  • Add optional retouching or artwork.
  • Purchase yearbooks or novelty items.
  • Personal online proof galleries expire 3 weeks after opening.  IMPORTANT: Once the gallery closes, it is closed, and will not reopen until Black Friday for one weekend of ordering for those who missed out.  Please don’t procrastinate. Order early.

All print orders can be picked up at the Thunder Bay Country Market during the following hours:


  • Saturdays from 8:00 am – 1:00 pm and Wednesday from 3:30 – 6:30 pm.
  • Closed between August 1 and 14 and between December 24 and January 5th.
  • Closed on all major holidays including Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

The Thunder Bay Country Market is located at 425 Northern Ave on the grounds of the CLE. We are upstairs in the Dove building. Just follow the signs. The Market is conveniently, centrally located, has plenty of parking, and has a bazzillion things to look at, taste, smell and enjoy!


We accept cash, cheque, VISA, MC, email transfer or Paypal to Shine Photo at the time of purchase. When you place an online order, you will immediately receive a confirmation of your order. If not paid immediately by CC or Paypal, you will receive an invoice, sent to your email in 24-48 hours. The invoices are checked and sent manually, hence they are not immediate. Sorry we do not accept Credit Cards by phone. Payment is due at the time of the order. Debit tap and in person CC payments are available at our market location during regular market hours. Please visit our Contact page for details.


Orders are available for pickup generally 14-21 days after payment. Some custom artworks may take slightly longer. Photos can be picked up at Shine Photo at the Thunder Bay Country Market every Saturday from 8 am-1 pm or on Wednesdays from 4-6 pm. We are located on the second floor of the Dorothy Dove Building next to Silver City. Sorry we do not do deliveries from our Crawford Ave studio. For your child’s protection and to ensure that your images are not damaged, we do not drop off images in mail boxes, ship (mail) in town, or leave orders them with individuals other than the purchaser. For the children’s security, you must arrange to pick up your own photos. We are not responsible for photos that have not been picked up within 90 days of order.


Due to the volume of orders received from multiple dance studio, we are no longer able to do personal notifications. To check the status of your order, please visit our Facebook Page @shineportrait to see the pinned order status post. Alternatively you can call the studio. The voicemail message contains regular order status updates.

Item Description  (HST will be added to the price)Price
Year Book A keepsake of the past year’s students, dances and events.35.00
Package A: 4 – Billfold, 2 – 5×7 (same image)25.00
Package B: 4 – Billfold, 2 – 5×7, 1 – 8×10 (same image)39.00
Package C: 8 – Billfold, 4 – 5×7, 2 – 8×10 (same image)70.00
4 Billfold (large wallets)12.50
1 – 5X7 Print9.50
1 –  8X10 Print17.00
Memory Mate – 8×10 only. Available for Recreational Group Dances. Choose individual image. We add the group. Add child’s name in comments of shopping cart.  Not available in any other size.25.00
Magazine Cover – 8×10 (Works only with vertical images)  Not available in any other size.25.00
8X10 Metal Print. Gorgeous print on a sheet of metal. (attached easel stand)79.00
10 X 10 Hard Cover Album with 1/8th inch thick pages. 25 Images. Use images from the past 4 years. Call us for assistance.355.00
15X30 Panel – (Choose 3 + headshot, or 5 pose collage mounted on Gator Board and ready to hang. ) call to confirm included photo numbers. 631 5162189.00
Metal Print Keychain. Beautiful quality and makes a great gift!24.00
16 X 20 Gallary Quality Canvas Wrap Includes Post Production Artwork.299.00
Complex Retouching. We remove blemishes & fix backgrounds free of charge. Complex – eye opening, glass glare removal, pointing of feet, makeup fixes etc. $90.00/hr 15 min minimum. Call for a quote.QUOTE
 Custom digital artwork is available for your image. Call for a quote. 631 5162QUOTE

MINIS At Shine Photo we offer optional Mini Sessions year round for dancers.   A 10 minute session in a single costume is $25.00 which must be paid in advance of the session. The session fee is then applied towards your online order.  Pricing is very similar to the pricing listed on this page.  Each additional costume requires a new session.

SPECIALTY Specialty Sessions include smoke, glitter, lights and high end compositing and retouching.  A standard session ranges between $99.00 and  $199.00 and includes multiple costume changes. The session lasts between 60 and 90 minutes and can take place in our studio or on location. Each session includes 1 complimentary 8×10 print. Pricing varies with the session type. Product prices may vary with the amount of  post processing required and the type of product ordered.

Artistic Dance Portraits at Shine PhotoAt Shine Photo we also offer custom Artistic Sessions in our studio or on location.  Choose from sessions where post production techniques add smoke, powder and water effects. Smoke bombs are also available at specific times of the year both in the studio and outdoors. We also offer specialty light sessions and glitter shoots.   All of our specialty sessions are designed to create one-of-a-kind artwork that you’ll love for decades to come.  Prices vary with the session type. Most sessions are 60 minutes in length with multiple costume changes.  Call for details! 807 631 5162.

Mini Sessions at Shine Photo are available for the dancer all year round. $20.00 = 10 minutes = 20 proofs. View your proofs in a secure online gallery. Products are extra.  Mini sessions are designed for a single costume.