We live in a society literally bombarded by hundreds of images every day. Welcome to the digital age where 9.5 out of 10 people have a camera in their purse or pocket. Yes cell phones count.  As a society we LOVE our pictures.

As consumers, we can skip down to the local electronics store and buy a bigger, better camera; maybe even one that rivals the gear of a pro for a few hundred or at most a few thousand dollars.  Whoo hoo!  All those pictures, most of which will permanently stagnate on your device, card or disk will not be the kind of photo that you will pass onto your grand kids.

The pictures with the greatest longevity are PRINTS. There. I said it. Old fashioned prints. Or new-fashioned prints on canvas, acrylic or metal.  Of those prints, the ones that you’ll most likely want to look at for years and years to come are the ones that are different. The ones that you probably couldn’t take yourself, even if you had a really nice camera.  They are the prints that the pro took.  And how did that photographer get to be a pro?

  1. Hundreds of hours of training.
  2. Thousands of hours of practice.
  3. Thousands of dollars worth of equipment including the camera, lights, backdrops, triggers, tripods, props and on and on it goes. (Although a really good photographer can take a GREAT picture with an inexpensive camera because of #s 1 and 2.

What else does the pro need to create that experience and product that will hang on your wall for years to come?

  1. Infrastructure in the studio including computers, editing software such as Photo Shop, telephones, contracts, business cards, hydro etc etc.
  2. More hours of training and practice to master the editing software.
  3. An artist’s eye.  They might be born with it, but it’s developed through #s 1 and #2 above.
  4. Advertising so that you can find them.
  5. Great products prepared and shipped from vendors that they can trust to deliver the best.
  6. Packaging.
  7. More training and practice to stay current in the industry.

And the list goes on.   So, when you are paying $49.00 for a print, you are paying for all the components that went into making that print something truly special that will last, and that you’ll love, for a very long time. Now $49.00 for 50 years of enjoyment sounds pretty inexpensive doesn’t it?  May be I should be raising my prices! 🙂