Good question. We get this one a lot.

As a full service studio we do not offer our images on a CD.  Why not you ask?  Well, because we are a full service studio. We take pride in our sessions and making sure you have a great time.  We take pride in preparing your proofs, so that you see the best images from your session. We take pride in our post processing.  Post processing is the editing we do to your chosen images. We brighten skin, remove blemishes, whiten teeth, thin out the belly or arm etc … all at no extra charge for purchased images. In our limited edition sessions, we add custom ‘magic’ and artwork to create one of a kind images. All of this takes time, resources and skill. Skill requires training and many hours of practice.  Finally, we take great pride in providing you with a beautiful finished product, whether it’s a print, Christmas card, invitation, album, key chain or piece of ready to hang wall art. We package your products carefully, and want the delivery to feel like Christmas.   Full service costs more than a CD.  It also gives you images that are finished to make you smile for DECADES.

What does a CD feel like?  A coaster. It’s outdated technology that typically gets lost in a drawer. The images often never see the light of day except for maybe for a brief time on Facebook or IG.  And then they are gone. Gone with a corrupted CD.  Gone with scratches. Lost. Maybe, just maybe a few make their way to the local printer, or your home printer.   Do you really want inferior prints? We sure don’t want our name associated with poorly printed pictures.  That makes us look unprofessional.  We want your friends and family to be ‘wowwed’ by the images hanging in your home.  So, long story short, THAT’s why we don’t offer CDs.

However, we DO have a digital option for sharing your images with your friends and family. We offer a mobile app that is infinitely shareable, can be uploaded to social media sites, and displays your photos individually or in a beautiful mobile brag book style. Share with family and friends via email, text, SMS, Twitter, FB, IG etc. You get the picture! These images are optimized for web, but are not printable. Feel free to ask about this option during your proof viewing session! (Hint – it’s included in one of our print packages!)