Can I Just Get a CD?

Good question. We get this one a lot. As a full service studio we do not offer our images on a CD.  Why not you ask?  Well, because we are a full service studio. We take pride in our sessions and making sure you have a great time.  We take pride in preparing your proofs, so that you see the best images from your session. We take pride in our post processing.  Post processing is [...]

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Why is that print so much money?

We live in a society literally bombarded by hundreds of images every day. Welcome to the digital age where 9.5 out of 10 people have a camera in their purse or pocket. Yes cell phones count.  As a society we LOVE our pictures. As consumers, we can skip down to the local electronics store and buy a bigger, better camera; maybe even one that rivals the gear of a pro for a few hundred or [...]

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How much for an 8X10?

This is our second most asked question by phone and in person. What's the most asked question?  See the answer to our FAQ entitled  'How Much Do You Charge?' for that one. First, if you are registering for a session with us, chances are, you are not going to go through all of that time and effort just to get one 8X10.  With the exception of event and high volume photos (where a single print [...]

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What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, cheque, CC payments, Debit Tap (new and in Beta mode) Paypal and bank email money transfers. Sorry, no debit machine.  If paying at the market, you'll find an ATM located on the ground floor at the main entrance. Email transfers should be sent to shinephotostudio@tbaytel.net  Be sure to include the order or invoice number so we know who's paying for what!  Especially if you set up a password that we couldn't guess [...]

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How much do you charge?

Shine Photo is a moderately priced, full service photography studio.  Our prices are definitely not the highest in the industry, but we are also not your 'bargain basement, department store, one-hour-photo-stop shop.'  If you are looking for a cheap .69 cent print or a CD full of pictures you'll never look at again, then we are not the studio for you. Prices: We start with a session fee.  This is the cost of creating your [...]

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What kind of photography do you do?

Shine Photo is a full service photography studio specializing in Family and Children's portraiture.  The teenager is also at the core of our studio mission and vision.   Be sure to check out our High School Model program! In our studio, we are quite diversified, offering sessions for babies, professional headshots, families, toddlers and tweens. We also have a 16 acre farm for location sessions. Dream of having your images taken on a sofa in [...]

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