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Holiday Gift Scavenger Hunt!

The elves have been SO mischievious!  They've been hiding some of Santa's gifts all around our site and they keep moving them!  We need your help to find them.  Simply find a gift, and click on it to fill out the simple form.  You'll be entered into our draw for one of five Shine Photo gift certificates ranging in value from $10.00 to $100.00.  The draw happens at noon EST on Tuesday December 27, [...]

Holiday Gift Scavenger Hunt!2022-12-23T16:37:48-05:00

What’s The Point of Sending a Christmas Card?

From our In the Box Mini Session What's the point of sending a Christmas card? The first known Christmas card was sent by Michael Maier to James I of England and his son Henry Frederick, Prince of Wales in 1611 while the first commercially available card was commissioned by Sir Henry Cole in 1843. With such a long tradition of greetings, why are so few people sending them today? Part of the [...]

What’s The Point of Sending a Christmas Card?2022-11-18T07:37:34-05:00

Giving Thanks for Great Staff

I’m often asked what kind of camera I use.  The question is usually asked by another photographer, and rarely by a client.  The truth is, I own quite a few cameras. Some dating back as far as 2002.  If you include phone cameras, add another four or so.   You see, the cameras all do the same thing to different degrees of accuracy. They record light and shadow on a sensor.  The buttons and bells [...]

Giving Thanks for Great Staff2022-10-09T17:41:53-04:00


NEW to Shine Portrait is the very fun, informative and entertaining LIVE PORTRAIT. LIVE PORTRAIT embeds a video into one of our enabled photos.  LIVE PORTRAIT makes Christmas Cards more personal; business cards more informative and Portraits more entertaining. Watch the video to see how it works, or DOWNLOAD the free app that makes the magic happen HERE (Google Play.)  You may notice that this app has a very low review. This [...]


The COVID Wedding Solution

Did COVID mess with your wedding?  Then you are not alone.  With multiple businesses and services closing down temporarily and gatherings restricted to a VERY cozy five people, many a bride and groom have had to postpone their dream wedding.  But we have a solution for you! For some couples,  postponing their wedding has meant the cancellation of trips or the postponement has spanned into years, as venues are booked well in advance and [...]

The COVID Wedding Solution2020-06-03T17:32:46-04:00

7 Tips to Prepare For Your Fall Family Session

Autumn is one of the most popular months of the year for portrait sessions which is why October has been named as the official family portrait month. After all, nature is doing its thing with all those vibrant colors, plus you get a chance to really play up your wardrobe with accessories in the crisp weather. You also have the opportunity to prep and purchase the most memorable of Christmas gifts, by giving the gift [...]

7 Tips to Prepare For Your Fall Family Session2019-09-24T21:15:40-04:00
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