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Your Last Family Portrait Was WHEN?

Perhaps you’ve never had a family portrait, or perhaps it was many years ago. Is everyone in your family represented in the portrait? At Shine Photo your portraits are original works of art that you’ll be proud to place prominently in your home. In our pre-session consult we’ll discuss what type of image best suits your needs. Modern outdoor scene? Clean, quite setting at home? An evening in our comfortable studio? Artistic, digitally enhanced, one of a kind art-worked photo? Portrait images communicate how we feel about ourselves, our world, and our loved ones. Their subject matter and settings are limited only by imagination: children as they grow, family times or events, artistic personal statements—all are appropriate subjects for decorative portraiture. “The family photo can become, in an instant, the single most emotionally important image or document that you will ever own. It is the one image that once owned, will make you wonder how you ever did without. It is also the one image that is more likely than any other to become a family heirloom.” At Shine we’re happy to work with you to get you the images that you need, and that you’ll love for years to come.

Why Choose Shine?

Decorating With Portraiture
How to Prepare for Your Session
The Pre-Session Consultation
After the Session
Gorgeous Products
True Story: The Psychology of the Family Portrait

Why Have Your Family  Photographed at Shine?

Studio or on location sessions
Modern & Traditional Family Photography!
Large & small groups welcome!
Virtually limitless studio backgrounds (ask us about this!)
Because your image matters to us as much as it matters to you!

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View our Photo Gallery
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